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We’re honored to announce that Darn Good Yarn won Schenectady Chamber of Commerce’s Good News Award!  This award is given annually to businesses in Schenectady that have “survived through economic ups and downs, shown extraordinary community support, undergone major growth or expansion, launched a unique project or service with in the past year, or are simply a true success.”  There will be a luncheon on Friday, April 30, 2015 to honor all of the winners.  If you’re in the area, we’d love to see you there!  You can find more details here.

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Welcome to a new way of crafting. Reasonably priced, high-quality yarn that helps women in India and Nepal support their families and gets rid of waste. Recycled silk yarn, recycled silk sari ribbon–it’s all here. And I’m here for you! If you have any questions on putting together a project or just want to chat contact me (Nicole!) or call me 207-564-2822

In the parts of India and Nepal where Darn Good Yarn gets your supplies, there is not a sustainable job market for the poverty stricken. This lack of opportunity to fulfill creative potential is rekindled when people like you and me learn, create and share the beauty of these yarns with others.

You have to do more! Start a local movement; I urge you to tell others, in your craft groups, yoga classes, wherever you establish community; tell others about how they can make a difference just one stitch at a time. Help me continue to help these woman along with our local community. By creating a substantial platform for these women to successfully sell the items on Darn Good Yarn we are all making a difference that is felt globally. Let’s work together to create positive impacts in our world and strengthen that woven web.

Happy creating!

Nicole Mikkelsen-Snow, Owner

THE LARGEST & BEST SELECTION OF RECYCLED SILK YARN...ANYWHERE! Recycled Silk Yarn * Silk Sari Yarn * Sari Silk Ribbon * Ribbon Yarn This is a site dedicated to all recycled silk sari yarns, sari silk ribbon and pure silk yarn.