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The perfect thing for dry hands

December 9, 2011

Happy Friday my dearies!


Mikey teaching me how to use a snowblower

I get to celebrate Mike’s birthday with him tomorrow. I can’t wait! (and yes… he got something hand-knitted) (I think he knows since one of his presents is kind of squishy).


But I did something fun today… I never do things like this… I went to the Beekman 1802 shop in Sharon Springs NY this morning. What a fun destination. The shop is pristine and something that is out of a dream. A wonderful collection of handicrafts, cookbooks….and the smell ….ahhhhhh. I love it there!

And while I was getting some last minute stocking stuffers I noticed my hands were really –umm… winterized. Having super dry hands is not good for knitting (or your cuticles, kids!). Tonight I am going to work on a fun little purse out of the new Stained Glass yarn I just got in. So I needed to have unchapped hands to design this purse I have swirling around in my head.

So, I have to tell you about this little gem I found at Beekman 1802 (and can’t stop using… and I’m wondering why I didn’t get more…); it’s called Stick of Butter. It has 4 different scents. I got “Spring”. It is like a little luxury. You can purchase it by visiting this link:

I’ve used it this morning and my hands are all better and the scent is wonderful. It’s a nice dense blast of moisture perfect for winter hands. And I’ll let you know how my design turns out for the purse too!


And don’t forget, I just featured a new yarn for the next week that’s on a nice sale. Check out the savings and the yarn by clicking here.


Have a great weekend!



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