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Meet and Greet!: Che Sweetland from Meadowfly Farms – Darn Good Yarn

May 3, 2013

Hello! I gotta tell you about Che. She’s a sweet young woman who is love with DGY just as much as the rest of us. But here’s the cool part. Not only does she live in Maine, she’s also going to be providing us with some AWESOME soaps! Feeling a goat milk soap lather on your body is just heavenly.

Meadowfly Farm Goat Milk Soap

And the goats themselves are super cute! The does are milked daily, so this is really a hands-on small business. Che, we’re happy to have your soaps available on the DGY website!

Meadowfly Farm Goat Milk Soap

She’s got a lot of great soap fragrances available, and most of her soaps are all-natural. Head over to her blog  for the low down on Che!


Nicole Snow, President of Darn Good Yarn





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