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How’s it going?

As I write this, I’m wondering where September went. Now, I’m thinking about holiday gift crafting! In this newsletter, you’ll find a cool new project (inspired from a visit to the store Anthropologie). Read about the donation you’re helping with this month just by crafting with Darn Good Yarns! You’ll also find some great sales on the necessities–so stock up today. And remember buy any 5 balls of yarn,(any mix) get a 6th FREE

I’ve been cocooning  and sprucing up my pad here in Utah. As a result, I’ve created two versions of pretty awesome lampshades I want to share with you. One uses our famous Tibet Jewels Sari Ribbon and the other uses the Blender Live Wire Yarn.

There are 3 videos and 3 corresponding blog post you can watch to create your own upcycled and colorful lampshades. Watch them here!

Click on the images to check out the items that are on sale now!

Did you know that you can get bulk discounts too?

Check them out by clicking here.

-When you purchase from Darn Good Yarn, you can feel great about your purchase!

-Women spin and create our yarns.

-Darn Good Yarn gives back (a lot) of yarn to knitting charities! This month, our donation is going to a chaplain in Ohio who teaches men in a correctional facility how to crochet. They are making blankets for children and seniors in hospitals and nursing homes.

You are making a bigger impact than you realize!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support of Darn Good Yarn.

You help me give back to so many communities as well as help these women in India and Nepal.

Official Darn Good Yarn Mom teaching me to walk

Official Darn Good Yarn Mom teaching me to walk

And a quick shout out to the official mom of Darn Good Yarn (my mom)! Hi mom! She’s such a support!

Have a great day everyone and if you have any questions just contact me!

Namaste and peace,

Nicole (Mike and Squeakers)