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Meet Bridgett and Make a Fab Bracelet

April 4, 2012

Helloooooooooooooo! * Seinfeld-esque pronunciation *


Hey there! I’m Bridgett. I’m the Full-time Goddess of Whimsy over at Rambling Designs! Mostly because I have nothing else to do really. Well, a little bit of stay at home mom-ing maybe… and wifery, and homeschooling two teenagers, and running a household, and volunteering twice a week at the local Food Bank,…. so in my spare time, I thought why not do some knitting and spinning and crochet and stitching and sewing, and cooking, and gardening, and reading.


It’s a lot of fun really.


I do what I please, when the whim strikes me. So you can find all kinds of things in my shop. I also do custom work (which always come first, before my flights of fancy).

I have set myself a goal this year of knitting at least one item for charity each week and so far I’m right on track. (You can see the updates once a month in my “Tuesdays are for Charity” posts on my blog). My favorite things to knit are lace and socks, really.

I learned to knit from my paternal Grandmother back home in Bavaria. I was around 6 years old at the time (bit more or less….). This means I have been knitting for over… wouldn’t you like to know? Tehehehe (*cough* 32/3 years *cough *)

I live in the Pacific Northwest now and loving it here! My house is so close to the shore, I can smell the salt water on days when the wind is just right.


Hmmm some fun facts about me? (asking my family for input)


  1. I’m very eclectic (not sure how that is fun, but there you have it)
  2. If I were rich I would be called eccentric, but since I’m not, I’m only called weird.
  3. English is my second language, so if I make some mistakes now and again, let me apologize for that right now, right here….yes, I know about spell check, but who has the time, I ask you?
  4. I dislike writing about myself.
  5. It is not unheard of, that I get up at 11 pm to make lemon curd, when I really want it. I love to cook.. I don’t care what time it is! :)
  6. I love herbs. LOVE them. Can’t read/learn enough about their medicinal uses.
  7. I have a naturally hairless dog. A Chinese Crested. I LOVE my dog! I think he is the cutest little bugger ever!
  8. I love rain
  9. I love Ravens and Crows! They are my favourite birds!

10. I love my family! I am so grateful to have them around me and have their support in everything I do. My husband and I are married for 13 years now and I still get butterflies in my stomach when he winks at me. Wherever you go, I shall follow, baby!


I want to thank Nicole to have me over today! I was really rather flattered by her asking me to guest blog!

To celebrate this I thought I make a little tutorial for the sari silk bracelets I make. Want to make one yourself? Then read on! They are super simple to crochet and look really, REALLY adorable in Nicole’s awesome yarns!

I have gotten addicted to making the crochet braid, that is used in Romanian lace. One evening as I started a new braid, I got the notion, it could be used as a bracelet as well.. said and done. Off I went to make one with Nicole’s wonderful sari yarn. I was right! The braid makes fantastic bracelets in this yarn! :) Try it for yourself!I will show the how to’s in a flat cotton yarn, since I think you can see it better, but the bracelets really look their best in Sari silk!

What you need: Sari silk from Nicole (I like to use the recycled resolutions. LOVE those colours!) and a Crochet hook matching the yarn.


First off make a slip knot on your hook, leaving about a 10 inch tail for tying the bracelet.

Then chain 2.


Stick your hook through one loop of the first stitch off the hook AND through one loop of the second stitch off the hook. The loops indicated by the arrows in this picture:










You should now have three loops on your hook. Looks a little something like this:










Now yo and pull the yarn through the two first loops on the hook, like so:










Yo again and pull through the last two. See:











Turn your work. You basically flip it as the arrow shows in the next picture:










Ok now repeat this with the second side of loops of these stitches. Here is a picture indicating the two loops you need to insert your hook:










Here is a picture of my crochet hook in those two loops:











You, pull up a loop through two loops on your hook, yo and pull again through two loops on your hook.

Here is a picture of the finished second stitch and how to flip the work:










This was what you could call the “Set up row”.


From here on out you will work as follows:


Turn your work. Stick your hook through the two loops that formed when you made the first part of the set up row. Right there, see? The arrows show the direction to go under and what two loops I am talking about:










Yo, pull up a loop, yo again and pull through last two loops on hook.


Flip your work and locate the next two loops to use (You can see them in the picture indicated by the two white arrows) and proceed as before.  The white arrows show you the next two loops. You can see them already before you turn. DO NOT FORGET TO FLIP YOUR WORK BETWEEN EACH STITCH!










This is it. You just keep flipping your work and going through those two loops until your bracelet is the length you want/need it to be.



To finish it off:  Cut yarn with about a 10 inch tail for tying

Yo and pull yarn through last loop on hook pull it tight. Presto!


You can make a loop in the end tail and use it as a button loop closure. Just find a pretty vintage button to sew to the other end of the bracelet and you are done!



OH Bridgett, YOU ARE AMAZING! What a fabulous project! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. And don’t forget, these patterns are for non-commercial use only:)


Enjoy and be sure to thank Bridgett on her blog by leaving a comment there: )





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