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A friendship bracelet from recycled silk yarn

November 5, 2012

Do you remember those friendship bracelets we made as kids? Here’s a fabulous modern take on the classic. You can whip these up super quick, and they’re great to give to your BFFs! <3

1) Make 3 – 32” strands of Darn Good Yarn’s Recycled Silk (get it here:

2)Fold the yarn in half & knot it leaving a loop. Now you have 6 strands to work with.

3) Spread out your yarn & using your left-most strand of yarn, bring it over strand 2, behind strand 2, & back in front of strand This is called a half hitch knot. Hold strand 2 taut when you make the knot, & pull strand 1 up & slightly to the right, gently but firmly to tighten the knot. To continue down the row, use the same strand you knotted over strand 2, & use it to form the same knot on strand 3.  Continue using strand 1 to make a knot on strand 5, then 6 until you have made a knot on each strand all the way across. If you completed the row correctly, the strand that was the left-most strand at the beginning of Step 5 is now the right-most strand

4) Do this process again until the main part of the bracelet will fit around your wrist.

5) Knot off the end & attach a cute button (that will fit in the initial loop you created)





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Nicole Snow

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