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A Sunday Morning Necklace: Use Reclaimed Sari Ribbon to Make Accessories! – Darn Good Yarn

April 7, 2013

I’m finding all sorts of great uses for our 5 yards of Reclaimed Silk Sari Ribbon gifts packs. Thanks for bugging me to get jewelry packs available for you fantastic designers out there!

Here’s a quick necklace you can make using two sari ribbon packs in contrasting colors. You could make 2 and give one to your best friend!

Sunday Morning Sari Ribbon Necklace

Cut 3 lengths of the sari ribbon 30 inches long in Color #34. Knot together, then center and tie on your favorite bead (I used a big rock bead–very organic-feeling!). Cut 5 lengths of the contrasting sari ribbon 4 inches long in Color #2. Tie and evenly space (as pictured). Trim to desired flag length.

Tada! You have funky sari ribbon necklace that coordinates with everything in your wardrobe. :)


Nicole Snow, President of Darn Good Yarn





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