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Blended…not stirred.

January 12, 2010

Hi everyone, I (Nicole, owner of made a Jane Thornley inspired cowl out of 7 different Darn Good Yarns. It’s soft and is made from an array of recycled silks and banana fibers. It really kept my attention through the entire project. If you need help customizing colors for a similar project we’re happy to work with you, take pictures and get you the special yarn package…a lot of which aren’t directly carried on the site (see video below for more info!).

For this project I utilized, the Blender Yarn, Lux Adventure Recycled Silk Yarn, 4 different banana fiber yarn blends, and 2 recycled silk yarn blends all available on my site ( I used size 15 knitting needles, size 17′s and size 19′s.

Depending on what yarns you have around your project will be much different than mine.

I changed my needle sizes each time I changed yarns because the gauge would be different. So you just have to see what works and what’s easiest for you!

My stitch count across varied from 14 stitches to 18 stitches.

My lessons, I would not have incorporated any ribbing, I don’t know what I was thinking, I should have just have stuck to garter, moss(seed) and drop stitches.

Please watch this follow-up video to the video below:

Here you have to get creative and plan your color transitions accordingly. Be flexible and have fun. Change up the stitches change up the yarns…it’s a blast!

**************A change as of 1-12*************

Hi everyone, please thank Lenore, she talked me into providing a rough pattern. Please please please don’t send me nasty-grams about the pattern. I did what I thought was appropriate for the yarn I had on hand, what you do with the yarn you have will surely be different :)



using DGY (darn good yarn’s) recycled silk sari ribbon (any type) and DGY’s Premium Recycled Silk yarn, CO 15 on size 17 needles.
knit row one
drop stitch row 2
knit row 3
drop stitch row 4
knit row 5
change the premium recycled silk to recycled resolutions
knit row 6
drop stitch row 7
knit row 8
tie off sari ribbon
tie on 2 strands of DGY banana fiber yarn and 1 strand of Lux Adventure from DGY
work in garter for 3-4 inches check the width on the first row, if it’s too tight you might need to increase to larger needles
tie off 2 the 2 strands of banana fiber and the premium recycled silk
tie on the blender (you are now working with the lux adventure and the blender only)
k1 k2tog knit across row until you have 2 stitches left, k2tog knit, you check to see if this is too wide on 17′s if so, you might have to switch to 15′s
Once you get the gauge right work this for 4-5 inches (this was my favorite part of the cowl so I worked it for a while)-about 5 inches)
tie off blender
tie on recycled resolution and one strand of banana fiber
you might need to move to larger needles here
work in moss stitch ( I did 1x1 rib, but I wish I did moss)
Work this for 3 inches or so or until you get the length your cowl needs to be. BO and attach to the other side

Now you’re done!

If you are looking to make your own project and need extra assistance with choosing colors, Darn Good Yarn carries many yarns and hues which are not show on the website and might be perfect for your project!

Here’s a video:

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