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Darn Good Surjupe- made from recycled silk ribbon

September 6, 2012

I love surjupes! I’ve been wearing them for a while not knowing their proper name. Luckily Bridgett schooled me in on it. She runs the fab blog and then she designed one for all of us out of Recycled Sari Silk Ribbon

Yarn: 1 skein recycled Sari Silk Yarn in one of the colors found here, 3 skeins recycled Sari Silk Ribbon yarns called At the Bahamas found here:
Needles: Circular, or straight needles (whatever is your preference)size US 17 (12.5 mm) and DPN’s
size US 10 (6.00mm)
Notions: Yarn needle to sew in ends and to embroider, felt balls (optional) 2 buttons,
Notes: Before you begin, please measure your waist. You will need that measurement to determine how
long you have to make the waistband of the Surjupe.

The instructions here are given for a 38 inch waist! (Yes, I’m not a starving model LOL), but they are
easily adjusted up or down!
You can make this surjupe as long or short as you like, just remember, for a bigger project you will
need more yarn! You can also decide to connect the front and back panels. Have one continuous panel
going all the way around rather then having two separate ones. Just remember, that also will use up
more yarn!
Co= cast on
k= knit stitch/es
p= purl stitch/es
sl= slip next stitch as if to purl (if on beginning of row then slip as if to knit)
psso= pass slipped stitch/es over the last stitch worked
st= stitch/es
tbl= through back loop

For the tie:
With sari silk
On DPN’s cast on 3 stitches and knit in i-cord for 20 inches do not bind off!
For the waist band you will now knit in rows rather then rounds.
R1(rs): k1p1 in first st, k1, k1p1 in last st (5 st)
R2: sl1 as if to knit, p across to last st, k1
R3: sl1 as if to knit, k across
R4: k1tbl, k1, p1, k1, sl1 with yarn in front of work
Rep row 4 until the waistband measures 5 inches shorter then your waist measurement Measured from
the end of the i-cord. Do not measure the i-cord! ONLY the part knitted in rows counts!)
Do not bind off!!
Next row: k2tog tbl, k2tog, k1 (3st)
Start knitting i-cord from here on out again for another 20 inches.
Bind off all stitches by knitting 3 together, cut thread and pull through last st on needle. Pull tight.
Back of surjupe:
With sari ribbon.
Starting right where the i-cord merges into the waistband:
With sari ribbon and size 17 needles, pick up and knit 50 stitches along the long edge on the waist
band. (if you made your waistband longer or shorter, you will have to pick up more or less stitches
here!) See picture for reference as to where to pic up those stitches.
Row1 and all ws rows: sl 1 as if to knit, k2, p across to last 3 stitches, k3
R2 and all rs rows: sl1 as if to knit, k across
Repeat r1 and r2 for a total of 28 rows. (each row 14 times)
Then work 3 more rows as R2: sl1 as if to knit, k across
Next row bind off all stitches as follows:
k1, * k1, pass first stitch over second, rep from * across until all stitches are worked off, break yarn and
draw through last stitch on needle
Pick up another 20 stitches along the waistband all the way to where the waist band merges into the icord.
(make sure you pick up those stitches with the same side facing you as did when you picked up
the stitches for the back!) You may have to space these stitches a bit to have them evenly distributed
over the remaining waistband.
Row1 and all ws rows: sl 1 as if to knit, k2, p across to last 3 stitches, k3
R2 and all rs rows: sl1 as if to knit, k across
Rep row 1 and 2 for a total of 20 rows (each row 10 times) then work 3 more rows as R2, bind off as
previously explained..
Little pocket:
With sari silk, co 14 st
Work in garter stitch for 29 rows, always slipping the first st of each row as if to k, and knitting the last
stitch of every row.
Next row: sl1 as if to knit, k across, after last st. cast on 7 st with backwards loop method.
Rep this row once more, only don’t sl the first st in the row, since it is a backward loop and it won’t
work, just knit it. (you should have a total of 28 stitches on your needle now!)
k 5 more rows then bind off all stitches.
Fold pocket in half and sew up seams. Sew the little “straps” with a button to the surjupe front and
Thread the end of the i-cord yarn on a yarn needle and thread on a felt ball, knot the end of the yarn and
clip short. Do this for both i-cords.
Sew in the rest of the ends. Wear!

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