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Meditation Mat- Om my goodness Silk Sari Ribbon galore!

June 8, 2011

Sari Silk Ribbon Meditation RugOK, this is wack-a-do. Just this morning, I saw a fellow Darn Good Yarner post this wonderful youtube video up and I tried it out. Check it out!


But then Bridgett over at Rambling Designs etc. emailed me tonight with a super secret project she’s been working on (Seriously you totally need to follow Bridgett. She’s a yarn master!)

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But without further ado, because I need to just show you this already….


The Meditation Mat!

For the base color: Here are the balls of yarn  you can use, 5 of any of these at either of these links:

Then for the ribbon, you will want either this ribbon (3):

**or (3)**

The second one has a few more sparklies and a little more texture (it depends on the look you’re going after)


Crochet hook: size US 10 (6.5mm)

Notions: Yarn needle to weave in strips (optional, you can absolutely finger-weave this)


Notes: I have used American terms in this pattern the British and German terms are in brackets in the legend though, so you should have no problems working after this pattern as well.



ch = chain (, Luftmasche)

sc = single crochet (double crochet, feste Masche)

dc= double crochet (treble, Staebchen)

Sari Silk Ribbon Meditation Rug


R1: ch 63, sc in fourth chain from hook, *ch2, skip next 2 ch, 2 dc in each of next 2ch stitches, rep from * across to end

R2: ch3, dc in next dc, *ch2, skip next ch2 space, 2 dc in each of next 2 dc, rep from * across to end (the last dc will be worked in the top of the ch3 of the beginning of the previous round)

Rep row 2 for pattern a total of 39 times. You should have 40“empty” squares running up the long side of the grid. Cut yarn and pull through last loop on hook.



Now pick up the sari silk and cut it in strips of about 35-40 inches. You will need a total of 120 strips (3 strips per row of empty Squares)

Starting on one corner, thread the three strips at once through the empty squares in an easy over-under weave from one long side of the grid to the other. So you are weaving from left to right, just as you crochet. You are weaving over and under the 2 dc not the skinnier ch 2!

Make sure you don’t skip a row by accident (it happened to me a few times almost. If that happens you will have to pull out the weaving all the way back to where it happened, or else it won’t work out.)

Pull the three strips though the weaving so you have the ends as evenly protruding on each side as you can (eyeballing it is perfectly fine, no need to measure, you will be cutting them to an even length when all is said and done)


When you have two rows woven, take all 6 ends on one side and make an overhand knot in it, do the same for the other side. Repeat this step as you go along, so the threads won’t be such a bother. (you can knot them all together in the end, but I found it helpful to do it as I went along.)

Also make sure you have the knots evenly spaced apart, so that the crochet grid stays flat. It is best to do the weaving/ knotting with the grid flat on the floor


When you are done with the weaving/knotting take scissors and even out the fringe that formed on the two long sides of the blanket. Presto! Done! :)


I have a small house and love it when I have a pattern that I can use for different things. For example: I can make a dishcloth or use the same pattern to make a face cloth, a cleaning rag, or a small pillow front…So this meditation mat pattern can be used in a bunch of different ways:

Use it as a lap blanket, a little table runner, a little bathmat or a wall hanging. Make a backing and use it as a pillow front.. make it to the measurements of your kitchen chairs and it turns into a chair pad, or something you can take to the stadium with to sit on and watch your kids play ball. Take it as far as your imagination lets you! (If you choose to use it as a mat, make sure you sew some non-skid rubber matting underneath! :D )



Bridgett & Nicole

Recycled Sari Silk Ribbon Meditation MatThe Meditation Mat made from Recycled Silk Sari RibbonThe Meditation Mat made from Recycled Silk Sari Ribbon

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