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Recycled Resolutions Necklace

March 23, 2011

Hi friends,

This weekend I made a cool necklace. Just watch the video to get the full scoop on how to wear it and the nitty gritty details on how to make it.

Click to check out the yarn!

But basically, you just need 1 skein of any of the Recycled Resolutions yarn which you can find by clicking here

Depending on the size ribbon clamp you need you will cut a series of 45 inch pieces of this yarn.

*Artistic tip* Look through the skein and see what pieces are calling out to you. Since you won’t use the entire skein in one necklace you can cut out pieces that you really like!

For the necklace displayed in the video and in these pictures, I used a 1.5″ ribbon clamp and 23 pieces of yarn ( you will need two clamps in total). If you’re at your local bead store, pick up a matching clasp. I went with a slightly larger-than-normal clasp to match the dimensions of the ribbon clamp. You will also need 5 spacings. You’ll put one or two between the ribbon clamp and the clasp and then on the other ribbon clamp you’ll just chain them together. (I used simple pliers for this).

The other note is about using a fabric glue to squish the ends down before placing them into the clamp, just check out the photos I provided here and you can see I just used a touch of fabric glue and then squeezed the edges together. When they were still a little tacky, I took fabric sheers and evened out the edge and then placed the little bundle of yarn in the clamp until it was filled up. Each “bundle” had 3-4 strands of yarn squished down and together.

Usually you put the clasps behind your neck but I put them in front so you can see the construction!



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