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“Sari Santa” Recycled Silk Sari Ribbon Hat

November 20, 2010

No, I shouldn’t be “sari”, I was pretty good this year. And you’ll be great if you make this hat because the materials are 100% recycled, 100% fair trade and made by women. This hat was designed as a re-make to the classic Santa hat. I also designed it so you can wear it after the holidays simply by making the pom-poms removable. Because this is created in a 2x2 rib there is a lot of give and take for sizing as well. The hat wears like a slouchy tam and knits up in a jiffy. I like it because it’s chunky and cozy but doesn’t overheat my head like wool can because it is made from silk. Additionally, because the hat uses handmade, recycled materials it has a vintage look right off the needles. It’s non-traditional and classic at the same time! Skill level: Basic It goes together very quickly. Please watch this little video for some info about the construction, fit and look of this wonderful Santa hat. Materials needed: US 13 Knitting Needles large eyed needle (to finish and weave in ends) Scissors The following ribbon yarns are Darn Good Yarn Exclusive Yarns. 2 Skeins of red sari ribbon 1 Skein of White  Recycled Silk Sari Ribbon 1 Skein of Green Recycled Silk Sari Ribbon ***Now if you would like to save a bunch of moola, I created a kit for this hat.*** The kit includes, 2 skeins of Dragonfruit and enough of White Chocolate and Emerald Isle for the embellishments and a large eye plastic needle. You can purchase that by clicking on this link Instructions: While holding and using two strands of Dragonfruit together, CO 40 sts K2, P2 across each row Continue until the piece measures 9″ long. To start decreases, k2tog across row Continue for three more rows Now you have 5 sts left Cut a 14″ tail of both ribbons (treat them as one piece of yarn) Weave the tail back through the 5 sts on your needles. If executed properly, you can now remove the hat off the needles and no stitches should be dropped and you closed up the top of your hat! Now sew up the two edges together (be sure to be very neat here…if you’re not it will make an ugly ridge in your finished project). When you get to the bottom of the your hat (the brim) knot off your working yarn and weave in the ends. For the embellishments: Make 2 pom-poms. I personally chose to make a large white pom-pom and a medium green pom-pom. Also, I didn’t “clean up” the pom-poms. I left them a little uneven. I think it matches the style of this ribbon yarn the best. The note here though is the yarn that you use to tie the bulk of the pom-pom together make this extra long. What you’ll do is take these long ends on thread them through the top of the hat and simply make a bow on the inside of the hat. Do this for both pom-poms. By doing this, it allows you to take the pom-poms off after the holidays so you can still wear this great hat into the early spring without a fashion faux pas. For the bottom edge of the hat (I’ll call it the brim..the opening of the hat) I took small snips of the White Chocolate Ribbon and tied 8 snips equally spaced around the brim. I used a square knot to secure them (Left over right, right over left). Last step, trim these ships so each edge does not exceed 1/2″. Now, enjoy that egg nog!

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