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The Perfect Wine Koozie: Free Knit Pattern from a DGYer – Darn Good Yarn

June 9, 2013

Lauren, dear, you’re after my own heart. As many of you know, Lauren is a DGYer who loves making and sharing patterns with us, so here’s the latest installment of her genius. This little wine cozy will make a great hostess gift, and you could probably dress up any kind of bottle this size. This would be a great table setting item for a kid’s birthday party–just put juice or lemonade in a cute bottle (you can reuse an old wine bottle!) and set it out on the table and get approving glances from moms and dads all around!

Perfect Wine Koozie Free Knit Pattern

Isn’t that adorable? And I love your yarn choice, Lauren! Now let’s get down to the pattern:

“1 Skein of Recycled Resolution Sari Silk Yarn

Size US 8 double pointed needles (dpns), set of 4

Cast on 36. Join in the round.
Rows 1-33: Knit all
Row 34: Purl all
Row 35-36: Knit all
Row 37: *Knit 2, knit 2 together* all the way around
Row 38: Knit all
Row 39: *Knit 1, knit 2 together* all the way around
Row 40: Knit all
Row 41: *Knit 2 together* all the way around

You’ll end up with 8 stitches. Thread the tail end through the remaining stitches and pull to close the bottom. Tie off on the inside of the koozie.

Now…. Place unopened wine bottle in koozie. Open bottle. Fill glass with wine. Drink wine while admiring your beautiful silk koozie.

There’s room for a few more rows if you want to use the whole skein. I just made it tall enough to cover the widest portion of the bottle.”

I’m dying to make this koozie…or several. :) This pattern is simple enough for you to add your own flair, too. You can embroider someone’s initials (for a 21st birthday, for example!), add a simple lace stitching, or change out yarns as you go. This could really be a sweet way to use up those last bits of sari yarn you have in your stash. We love it when you share your projects with us, so if you decide to make one of these (which you should!), send over some pictures to the Darn Good Assistant, Jen (, and she’ll post them on facebook for us all to admire.


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