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Wendy’s Awesome Sari Ribbon Scarf

September 18, 2012

So check this video out as a premlim to something totally fab!

Now Wendy totally hooked us up with this fab email that she sent to me and she goes through these fab fab fab scarves! Oh and if you wanna pick up the ribbons, check this link here:

Here’s Wendy’s email to me..enjoy it dolls!, xo, Nicole

So grab a glass of wine and pull up the screen, Nicole! (a girl after my own heart ;) )


Here’s “the works.”   Hopefully you won’t be sorry you asked!
I sent you three samples (and some other surprises) in different yarns and stitch counts.  They may need a good stretch when they get there to look their best, and they are yours to do with what you want!


The inspiration, besides your yarn of course, was the need to practice a dropped twisted stitch in preparation for attempting a non-beginner bag pattern.  I didn’t want to commit to a large number of stitches at first, so I just cast on a few to try it out.  Suddenly, I found myself with an easy-peasey skinny rock-star style scarf that was a super quick knit.  I made the first one from your fabulous, now long since sold out Jersey Girl yarn.   But as you will see when your box arrives, it also works great with any of the recycled ribbon yarns.


Many of the single skeins I’ve purchased have headed out into the world in this form.  Who doesn’t love a one of a kind, knitted just for you present?  Even more importantly, what knitter doesn’t love a looks fancy, but only takes an hour or two to knit gift?


I’m not a designer, or even a very experienced knitter.  I just play around.  So these are mainly observations from my experiments, with a pseudo pattern thrown into the mix..  You can easily change the needle size; I have used anywhere from 11’s to 19’s, to fit the yarn and my mood.  In a pinch, say on a poorly packed trip, two matching wooden spoons will work, too.   If you want a wider scarf, just cast on more stitches, and knit up as many rows as you have stitches across before the twisted veil stitch row.  You can adjust the length of the dropped stitch row by changing the number of wraps, but I have found 2-4 works and looks the best.  After 4 wraps, the twisted veil stitch sections gets too long and a little unsafe looking, if you know what I mean.  Necessary yardage will vary with these changes, of course, but one skein will usually do.


The name (and running commentary) comes from my inability to keep count when I started practicing.  I literally had to say it out loud, or I would forget how many I was supposed to do….’cause, you know, 3 is such a big number.  Maybe some wine would have helped!


On the Count of 3 Scarf…a twisted veil stitch adventure (originally with DGY’s Jersey Girl).
I used size 19 (15 mm) straight needles, and 1 skein of DGY Limited Edition Jersey Girl the first time.  Then nothing was safe from my needles.


Here’s the pattern:
Cast on 3 stitches. (I stick my thumb between each of the cast on stitches to keep them spaced out.)
Knit all stitches for 3 rows. Count with me: 1, 2, 3 rows!
On the 4th row, knit all 3 stitches with a 3 wrap twisted veil stitch (see instructions below).  Count with me: 1, 2, 3 stitches!
At the end of the row, tug the wraps down so they are hanging loose and roughly the same length. Tug with me: 1, 2, 3 stitches!
Turn your work, and pull the working yarn up to the needle, making sure to leave enough loose to span the length of your dropped wrap. ( I pull my knit portion down, and then pinch the loose  yarn in place on the needle before I knit the first stitch of the next row.  If you pull the yarn too tight, it will cause the edges to scallop.   I can’t imagine how I might know this, but I do…oh yeah, My name is Wendy, and I am an ungodly tight knitter.  When I was knitting the first sari ribbon version, I figured I could pass it off as a design feature.  The recipient went for it…LOL!)
Repeat the above four rows until the scarf is your desired length. Mine is approximately 10’ long. I had some ribbon left, so I saved it for present wrapping.
End with 3 rows of knit.  Bind off, knot the ends (or embellish with felt balls, beads, wooden buttons, ribbon fringe, whatever makes your heart sing), and enjoy! More experienced knitters could add beads in the wraps and it would look awesome, but I am not experienced enough to attempt that yet.  I can still barely count.  : P


The twisted veil stitch I used is one of the stitches in the Mason-Dixon Monteagle bag (which I SO want to make out of Photon Rainbow, that’s why I’m still practicing the stitches).  Their description starts on Round 17 of the pattern, but it confuses the heck out of me.  So I watched the Mason-Dixon twisted veil stitch video by raconteur223 on You-Tube to figure it out, and have re-written the instructions to match the way I explained it to a fellow knitter watching me knit at work.  The part about turning the stitch out is not in the video, it is a yarn specific user note!


3 wrap Mason-Dixon twisted veil stitch:
Insert right needle as if to knit.  Keeping the needles crossed, wrap the yarn counter-clockwise around the OUTSIDE of the needles 3 times. Slip the yarn through the tips of the needles (from 12:00 to 6:00) and pull down through the center with the right needle to complete the stitch.  Let the wraps drop down below the completed stitch. I have found it helps to push the wraps through the stitch from front to back, kind of like you are turning the whole thing inside out, so they fall free easier.  I do this after wrapping each individual twisted stitch.  Recycled sari yarn edges tend to be sticky and don’t drop easily, especially if you are a tight knitter like me!  It is also help sometimes, depending on the yarn, to knit the first row of knit stitches above the wrapped row before tugging the wrapped stitches completely free.  The knit row holds the stitches together, and lets the twisted row wiggle a little better.


So that’s the whole shebang.    I hope you can use it somehow, because it would be great to be able to give you back a little for all you’ve given!   And if not, you have the other surprises to enjoy.


DGY Fangirl,
Nicole Snow

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