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Yarn Globes and Jersey Girls

April 12, 2012

Hi Loves!

I  hope you’re having a fab week! Maria over at Candy Kisses Crochet  is this week’s guest blogger and she’s a fellow Jersey girl! I grew up the town right next to hers! Enjoy this energetic and really cool article and leave some love in the comments, we just love seeing it:)

air kisses;)



Hello Everyone! I’m Maria, the owner and creative mind over at Candy Kisses Crochet ( and and ). Aside from my little crochet shop I also have a photography business ( I’m a sort of stay at home mom to three girls ages 4, 2, and 7 months, and a wife to my wonderful husband. Aside from the two businesses and the mom/wife stuff (what, you thought that was enough??) I also am going to school, working towards my Master’s degree in Professional Counseling and I take photography workshops whenever I can afford and have the time to do so.

I live in Phoenix, AZ but grew up in Jersey City, NJ…I’m truly a Jersey girl through and through even though I’ve lived in AZ for 7 years. I taught myself to crochet when I was 21 but didn’t start my little shop until July 2011. I love crocheting shoes…especially little tiny baby shoes, but I can crochet everything and anything. Photography props, blankets, hats, mittens and gloves, scarves, I think you get the idea.

Now on to the fun facts!!

  1. I used to work at Carlo’s Bakery (you know the place as TLC’s Cake Boss bakery). Yes, they are exactly like that.
  2. My B.A. is in English Literature and I used to want to be a teacher.
  3. I can be a bit of a grammar nut when reading other people’s works but I somehow always screw up my own stuff.
  4. I love to write (especially Twilight fan-fic) don’t judge me though. It’s easier to write a story when all the character development has been done for me.
  5. I LOVE to cook. My parents used to own a pizzeria/restaurant and even though they didn’t specifically teach me to cook I used to watch them all the time and I’m a pretty darn good cook if I do say so myself.
  6. I am an avid reader; I will read anything and everything and can pretty much find a redeeming quality in any book.
  7. I like reading trashy romance novels and would love to write one someday.
  8. 7 years and I still hate Phoenix summers. I would rather take cold snowy winters over 100+ summers any day.
  9. I used to co-own a cupcake business, I can bake a pretty tasty cupcake…I post recipes on my blog every so often; you should definitely check it out!
  10. My family and close friends mean the world to me. I would do anything for them and go out of my way to make sure my husband and kids have everything they need. I’m fiercely loyal once someone shows me they deserve it.

Now on to the tutorial…yarn globes!

I discovered these little wonders for my daughter’s birthday party. It’s not a difficult project but I warn you it can get messy and it’s time consuming. You need at least 24 hours for them because they do need to dry.


  • Yarn
  • Heavy Duty Balloons (The ‘Punching’ kind are better for making circles.)
  • Mod Podge
  • Vaseline


  1. Blow up the balloons to make different sizes. The smaller the balloon, the easier it is to make. So, if you’re doing multiple balloons do a lot of smaller ones, and a few big ones.
  2. Cover the balloons in Vaseline so that the Mod Podge will not completely stick to the balloons.
  3. Dip the yarn in the Mod Podge and wrap it around the balloon in no particular order. We found it easier to cut many long strands of yarn and wrap them on, rather than one super long strand.
  4. Covering the balloons with more yarn rather than less is best. It may seem like a lot, but when you pop the balloon the empty spots will be more noticeable.
  5. Let the balloons hang to dry overnight. Sometimes the balloon will pop on its own while drying.
  6. If they did not pop on their own, pop them and carefully pull the entire balloon out of the ball.
  7. You can use starch to stiffen at this point if there are some soft spots. We used starch to stiffen the final product.


That’s the tutorial and sorry for the lack of pictures, I was by myself the last time I made them and my hands were covered in mod podge and yarn. :)

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